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Benson Food

Benson Institute Integrated into LDS Charities
Healing through Gardening
Providing Greater Nutrition and Food Security in Morocco
Self-Sufficiency in the Andes

Clean Water

A Reason to Rejoice
Building Wells in Cambodia
Building Wells That Last
Cultivating a Better Future
Indonesian Water Project Brings Clean Water to 28,000 Villagers

Emergency Response

Church Expands Donations to Japan
Doing Our Part
Healing Hands
Healing Unseen Wounds
Helping a Home at a Time
Life amidst the Devastation
Order amidst Chaos
Overcoming Adversity
Resolved to Do Their Part
Rising from the Dust
Someone Was behind Us


Church Works toward Goal to Eliminate Preventable Diseases
Members Assist with Measles Initiative

Neonatal Resuscitation Training

Anastasia Sakandelidze: Miracle Baby
Ghana: Neonatal Resuscitation
Helping Babies Breathe
Learning the Simple Things
Saving Babies in Romania
Saving Infant Lives in Georgia
Working Together to Save Lives

Vision Care

A Sight to Behold
Children's Glasses in Malaysia
Improving Vision in Communities
Infant Vision Care in Romania
Surgeries Help Bring Sight to Mongolia
Vision Care in Indonesia


A New Wheelchair for Rosemeire
A Proper Wheelchair for Pramin
Changing a Child's Life
Changing a Nation One Wheelchair at a Time
Meet Javani Parker: Rolling Toward Self-Reliance
New Wheels
Providing Wheelchairs in Nepal
The Need for Awareness
Wheelchair Assessment Training
Wheelchair Project Benefits Young and Old

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