Emergency Response

LDS Charities strives to provide immediate emergency assistance to victims of natural disasters, civil unrest, or famine. When local resources are strained or nonexistent, LDS Charities provides short-term, life-sustaining resources such as food, water, shelter, clothing, medical, school, and hygiene supplies. This response is accomplished in partnership with local relief organizations and sometimes with other major international organizations. Under the direction of local leadership, LDS Charities volunteers distribute supplies and participate in clean-up efforts to help disaster victims recover.

Priesthood Response after Earthquake

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2012 Emergency Response Efforts
Hygiene Kits

Community members in the disaster area come together to assemble hygiene kits, which contain soap, towels, and other needed items.


Responding to the call of Church leaders in disaster areas, LDS Charities delivers food supplies. These are usually assembled by volunteers at Church welfare facilities.

Volunteer Work

LDS Church members near the disaster are often organized into relief teams. These relief teams help clean up homes, parks, and other community facilities. They help shelters with child care, food preparation, and other needs.