Benson Food

The LDS Charities Benson Food Initiative targets families living in urban and rural areas and teaches them sustainable techniques for food production, nutrition, diet, and home food storage. Through demonstration gardens and hands-on workshops, families learn to grow vegetables and fruits or raise small animals appropriate to their circumstances. Workshops are generally taught by local experts who instruct parents and children, sometimes at local primary schools. The Benson Food Initiative helps families become more confident and self-reliant as they develop improved home food production skills and learn about a healthier lifestyle.

A Desolate Land Blossoms

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2012 Benson Food Production and Nutrition Projects
People Served160,000
Home Food Production

With improved gardening and animal production techniques, families can make healthier choices. Families are taught local methods and how to use available supplies for growing food.

Improved Nutrition

The people receiving the training learn the health benefits from producing and consuming a more nutritional diet. This makes them more able to work and perform their daily tasks.

Food Storage

Storing food helps families prepare for a time when food may not be available. They are taught methods using available resources while abiding by local customs and laws.