Neonatal Resuscitation Training

The World Health Organization estimates that 1 million newborns die each year of breathing difficulties. The Church provides a train-the-trainer program for resuscitation skills and resuscitation equipment to doctors, nurses, and midwives. In addition to training for medical professionals in advanced techniques, a new level of training has been introduced called “Helping Babies Breathe.” This program helps save the lives of newborns in resource-limited countries.

See Where We Are

2012 Neonatal Resuscitation Training Efforts
People Served28,000

Using a train-the-trainer method, representatives from each regional hospital or clinic are taught how to give resuscitation training in a series of lectures, tests, and practical sessions.


Easily transportable bags of training equipment are donated to groups of trainers so they may effectively train others. At least one hand-operated resuscitator is provided in each clinical setting to ensure the new techniques can be applied.

Widespread Effect

Each person who attends the training is instructed to train at least eight other people so that the training can reach as many people as possible and have a more effective impact.