The Wheelchair Initiative strives to improve mobility, health, and educational and economic opportunities for people with physical disabilities. In cooperation with local organizations, LDS Charities works to improve the services provided to the physically disabled and distribute manual wheelchairs or walking aids appropriate to individual needs and circumstances. Using volunteer trainers, LDS Charities strengthens the capability of local organizations to assess individual needs, select and fit appropriate wheelchairs, train individuals and caregivers, provide support for repair and maintenance, and implement World Health Organization guidelines. Where it's feasible, LDS Charities seeks to support local production of wheelchairs.

Sierra Leone Wheelchairs

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2012 Wheelchair Projects
People Served67,500
Mobility Devices

To enable individuals to better navigate through their environment, we provide them with different types of wheelchairs based on their needs. For rough terrain circumstances, we provide Motivation® and Whirlwind RoughRider® wheelchairs.

Individual Training

Disabled individuals, their family, and other caregivers are trained in techniques to maintain health. Individuals are also trained to use and take care of their wheelchairs.

Support for Repair

An effective wheelchair organization needs proper tools to repair wheelchairs to ensure their long-term use, so we provide tools and training in wheelchair repair and maintenance.